Opponent is a new company building animal-level AI agents who make a million mistakes, but are capable of taking feedback seriously.

Our first opponent is Dragon – a toy-hoarding digital dragon for children that you can facetime like an extended family member.

Dragon begins unruly and unreliable, but learns to remember what matters – to itself, to the child, to the family – with every encounter.

To achieve this, we are focused on advancing a brain-inspired AI architecture for graduating memories into cognitive maps, and a System 2-inspired faculty for applying those maps to the play at hand.

Opponent is guided by our mission to unlock the potential of human-AI symbiosis, beginning with deep play in childhood.

We are a small team in the early stages of building. If you are interested in neurosymbolic systems, continuous learning, visual/spatial intelligence, applied toward the next generation of character-centric interfaces, please get in touch ian@opponent.systems